What is Espalier Living?

Espalier Living is the concept my husband and I have been brewing for the past few years. Our desire is to open our own Interior Design and Floral Design shop at some point in the future, but our first question was, “What will we call our shop?’

Several hundred ideas later we came up with the word “Espalier”. It is a French term for trees that are trained to grow along a flat plane, such as a garden wall. The term literally means “Ladder.” It is mainly created with fruit trees and is usually done with multiple trees to create a lattice wall of interwoven branches laden with fruit. What better name for a shop that combines my husband’s love of gardening and my love for design? We thought is was perfect!

Then we wanted to determine our goal for our future shop endeavor. Our goal was not to simply sell a product, but to sell “Inspiration” to our customers! We feel that a richer day to day life can be found in simple joys . . .

Joys . . . such as a vase of fresh cut flowers on the table, a painting that you alone have created hanging over your mantel, rooms filled with color and meaningful personal touches, among countless other things that we could teach and inspire others to incorporate into their lives. We want to show our customers how to slow down, see the beauty around them, and inspire them that they too can create a home filled with original art, an abundance of flowers, and beautiful spaces to enjoy and live life in to the fullest.espalier trees